Co-operative housing is a philosophy and a practical alternative to renting and home ownership. Co-ops act as independent, not-for-profit entities managed entirely by members of the community. What members contribute in time and effort comes back to them in the form of community, friendship and a sense of accomplishment.

Every co-op is different, and Keegano is no exception. Keegano is what we like to call an intentional community—a stable community operating on principles of cooperation, volunteerism and inclusivity. We are only as strong as our membership, which is why we work so hard to foster diversity and volunteerism to create a safe space for everyone to participate and share their talents.



CHF Canada News
JAN 17  Registration is now open for Ontario Region's Introduction to Co-op Housing Management. This popular two-day course has not been offered in four years. Don't miss out!
DEC 7, 2016  The Promoting Affordable Housing Act passed at Queen's Park: Inclusionary Zoning is a welcome part of the Act.
DEC 1, 2016  Check the AGM website to find out about your 2017 Annual Meeting, June 7-10, in beautiful Niagara Falls.
NOV 29, 2016  Last night at Queen’s Park, CHF Canada Ontario Region gave its deputation on Bill 7, The Promoting Affordable Housing Act at the Standing Committee on Social Policy. The focus of the submission was on inclusionary zoni…
NOV 21, 2016  Canada’s housing co-ops are ready to take a leading role in the federal government’s National Housing Strategy, according to this CHF Canada report